In 1988, Powerade became the official sports drink of the Great Olympics, alongside Aquarius, another sports drink made by Coca-Cola. It is a rival of another sports drink, Gatorade.In July 2001, Coca-Cola Company launched a new formula for Powerade including vitamins B3, B6 and B12, which play a role in energy metabolism.

In July 2005, the Coca-Cola Company updated the bottles of the standard Powerade (previous logo styling) to a new sport-grip bottle.

In 2005, Coca-Cola Company introduced Powerade Option to the United States, in response to Gatorade's popular Propel. Option is a "low Calorie sports drink" that is colorless and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, to provide sugar-conscious consumers with another rehydration choice. Powerade Option took 36% of the Fitness Water category behind Propel's 42%.

In June 2007, Coca-Cola Company bought Glacéau, owner of brands such as VitaminWater and SmartWater, for $4.1 billion, a price tag that signaled the company’s seriousness in pursuing growth of non-carbonated beverages. Since then, the company has also given its Glacéau management team control of its Powerade sports drink brand, which competes directly with Gatorade.

In 2008, Powerade Zero, a zero-calorie sports drink with electrolytes and no carbohydrates was released.Powerade Option was subsequently discontinued.

In 2009, Powerade was relaunched as Powerade ION4, a formulation that contains four key electrolytes in the same ratio that is typically lost in sweat.PepsiCo sued the Coca-Cola Company, after ads were released claiming that Gatorade was an incomplete sports drink, since it only contained two of the four key electrolytes. The presiding judge ruled in favor of Coca-Cola, for a number of reasons: the ads were no longer running, Gatorade had made similar claims about their Endurance line, and Pepsi failed to show any harm or damage caused by the ads, which were only designed to run for sixty days.

In late 2009 or early 2010, Coca-Cola will expand the Powerade Zero line with two new flavors - lemon-lime and orange. Also planned is a mid-calorie youth formula in 12 ounce bottles.

Also, powerade offers a special drink formulated for young athletes. It is called Powerade Play.

There are 8 flavors of the regular Powerade, and there are 5 flavors of powerade zero.

Powerade Flavors


powerade orange

Mountain Berry Blast

powerade mountain berry blast

Fruit Punch

powerade fruit punch


powerade grape


powerade lemon lime

Sour Melon

powerade sour melon

White Cherry

powerade white cherry

Strawberry Lemonade

powerade strawberry lemonade



Powerade Zero Flavors

Mixed Berry

powerade zero mixed berry


powerade zero grape


powerade zero strawberry


powerade zero lemon lime


powerade zero orange


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May 25, 2011